Premium North American Mink from David Dittrich

Building on our tradition.

Celebrating our Top Lot White Female Mink

April 13, 2016

white minkThe 3rd day (April 7, 2016) of the NAFA mink sale featured the sale of white mink.  With an increase in confidence in the market, there was widespread bidding on better grades and naps.  The sale of white female mink was very strong, with all mink being sold at close to 100%.  China continued to dominate buying throughout the day, with support from Korea and Greece.

Our Management Team and Employees would like to thank all Buyers and Brokers who purchased David Dittrich Mink at the NAFA 3rd-10th/16 Auction, with a special thank-you to Guangzhou Manali Apparel Trading Co. Ltd. for Mr. Li Xu of Maifei'er Furs of Dalian, China for purchasing our "Top Lot White Female Mink!"



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