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Building on our tradition.

Home on the Farm...Part III

April 14, 2016

We are all excited here on the farm because our kits are being born!  The workers are busy daily providing fresh bedding and caring for our mink.   As the workers go about their daily activities, they keep the mink sheds as quiet as possible.  Helping to set this stage and prepare for the Whelping and Weaning Season is Bas Van Ansem who is a Supervisor on the farm. Bas at the age of 21 has been emersed in the Mink Industry since he was born.  He follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and his dad and with pride Bas now will carry on their legacy as a 3rd generational mink farmer!bas2

"I take my role very seriously as Supervisor on our farm." says Bas.  From my dad I have learned so much about the business and what it takes to structure and organize work duties.  I have seen the "big picture" starting right here on our farm and all the steps in between that is takes to produce a top quality North American Mink and to be a good business man in this industry." 

"For me." as Bas explains, "it is all about how we look after our mink and providing 100% of our attention to their well-being.  It is good solid teamwork to raise a top North American Mink!  As a Supervisor, it is my job to plan and organize for each day.  I work closely with other Managers to prepare for key seasons like breeding, whelping, weaning, grading and pelting.  There is never a dull moment and I always have something new to learn and then share with my team members."  Bas was quick to add, "I am improving my skill sets as a young mink farmer everyday by listening and watching other senior employees who have been mink farming for many years. We work closely with our local Veterinarian to address any medically related issue immediately.   As well, we provide training to our employees regarding the proper handling of our mink.  Good animal care/animal husbandry is always front and center." 

"I know as a Supervisor," says Bas, "it is important to have a high level of respect from my team.  I give back the same level of respect to them. It is hard work and I want my team to know they are valued and appreciated!  As a Company, we are pro-active and we want our place of employment to be an "employer of choice."  We follow Occupational Safety and Health rules and we make sure all our employees have the required Safety and Health Training."

"We take pride in the work we do on our farm and with each day comes a new learning experience. This is my chosen path and a legacy that I plan to continue," says Bas with a smile!



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